About graffiti

About graffiti

Graffiti art dates back to ancient times and is one of the types of arts and creativity and is considered as a means of expressing opinion. This art has appeared clearly in the recent period in the Arab countries and has spread widely in various countries, states and cities throughout the Arab world. It was a means of expression. People’s opinion.

What is graffiti art?
We can define graffiti art as an art that is done through writing and drawing on walls or surfaces. The history of graffiti art dates back to ancient times, to the first man, where there were drawings on the walls of caves and they were made through the use of animal bones. This art has evolved to be used later by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Then, in the sixties of the last century, it was associated with hip-hop music, and the streets of New York were decorated with this type of graphics and pictures.

Graffiti Tools :
Paint spray is often used in decrees and you can also use it for signatures, and there is also a paint pen that is used for signatures, but you cannot use it for decrees. There are special caps to control the spray area and the spot shape of the sprayer, which are sold separately, and are called caps. And also you can make the cap spray a smaller area manually.

Tools of the other type (written graffiti): It is used to write specific and intended phrases or to sign your name .

And his interests in global paragraphs
With street art and its issues, the ability of the Saudi graffiti artist to keep pace with development is noted
Therefore, we have become a fertile contemporary trend that can be extended stylistically and technically in the artistic arena.
Saudi Arabia and the world, which responds to the warning to seek some atmosphere.

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