SpongeBob Fluffy Keyboard Rug




SpongeBob Fluffy Keyboard Rug / 100% Handmade SpongeBob Keyboard Wrist Rest / Gamer Decoration

‘The SpongeBob” hand tufted rug design. The SpongeBob Tufted Rug / %100 Handmade
We covered the back of our rug made of 100% acrylic yarn with 100% cotton fabric. Exceeding the ordinary standards!

Size: 45 x 14 cm| 17,8” x 5,5” inch (You can send a message for custom & personalized order and sizes)

Ultra Soft & Antibacterial!

We have designed and transformed “The SpongeBob” character into a rug just for you! This unique product captures attention with its superior quality and adds a delightful atmosphere to living spaces. The SpongeBob tufted rug brings a touch of fun and color to the decoration of your home or office. It also stands out as a wonderful gift idea that you can give to your loved ones.

The SpongeBob Tufted Rug is meticulously handmade and crafted with great care. Its texture provides a comforting and cozy feel. To explore more details, be sure to check out the accompanying images and video.

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